An intuitive and adaptive creative leader.

Trend Forecasting


Creative Direction


o Adept at visionary direction; able to bridges people and ideas for commercially successful results.
o Detailed researcher, able to identify and translate both micro and macro perspectives of emerging trends.
o Experience with communication systems such as mind-mapping & story boarding, creative and high impact presentations.
o Fluency and confidence in expressing the esoteric into concrete, marketable concepts.
o Catalyst of organization within groups; motivation and monitoring of the creative process from brainstorming to completion.


o Initiator of competitive market positioning through archetype development from within brands; positioning or repositioning. o Cultivator of signature styling or handwriting of a collection and brand by balancing mainstay with innovation injections.
o Accomplished at sketching, draping, block creation, pattern drafting by hand, evaluating garment fit, function and style.
o Intimate knowledge of the critical path from design to sampling and seasonal production.

o Ownership of textile, trim and surface design sourcing, range planning, calendar management and budget adherence.


o Dynamic, accessible and accountable individual; lead by example ethics from the design studio to the retail floor.
o Effective delegator; advanced critical thinking skills; diplomatic and decisive in approaches to problem solving.
o Inspirational and goal-oriented manager versed in driving cohesion and performance within the team environment. o Able to foster talents of staff, effective producer of results through coaching techniques and positive reinforcement.


o Entrepreneurial spirit, goal oriented sales strategist; expert in business expansion through clienteling.
o Impassioned and enthusiastic sales generator from wholesale to retail to client events.
o Accomplished at networking, contact maintenance to ensure recall value and consistent returns from committed clients.
o Social media savvy, proficient in planning and executing promotions to strengthening virtual reach and recall of the brand.




o Experienced in course design per syllabus, development of core competencies, delivery of material and evaluation.
o Accomplished in guest speaking and engaging audience in presentations through multi-faceted means.
o Initiator of outreach events with industry to diversify learning options including site visits, field trips and internship projects. o Foster of holistic atmospheres in learning through interactive means such as peer counseling and student led research.
o Provider of support, references and mentorship of students interested in further development in their business endeavors.