My name is Emily and I am Canada’s only independent trend forecaster.

I connect brands, businesses and people to their future. For the past two decades, I have worked in North America and Europe as a Designer, Creative Director, Educator and Stylist in Fashion, Accessories & Consumer Goods. I hold an MA in Fashion Trend Forecasting from esteemed Institute, Polimoda in Florence, Italy and you can find me out and about in my current hometown: Vancouver, Canada.

So…what the F.A.Q. do you do for a living?


I am available for hire to collaborate with companies and brands that require a more forensic, specific answer for their brand's future questions of potential in products and services. Each project can be as integrated with your creative and business teams as you like. It's simple, collaboration begets innovation. Quite often, my experience overlaps into the product design, creation and marketing process and I am often sought to connect the dots in getting groundbreaking concepts off the drawing board utilizing my global network of resources in research, ideas & people.


I am available to create content, displays and interactive events to engage any audience in the specialty of Trend Forecasting, Branding and Consumer Futures:

  • Creative and Art Direction, Trend Forecasting, Branding Strategy & Innovation

  • Curating & Marketing for Exhibitions & Trade shows & Other events

  • Keynote or guest speaking/lecturing appearances & webinars

  • Workshops and Seminars

  • Content creation & media campaign strategy, copywriting & editorial

  • Podcasts, Interviews, Focus Groups & more 

  Photo by    Anthony Maule

Photo by Anthony Maule